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What if you suddenly woke up in a parallel dimension? A dimension where women rule the world and all the gender roles now are reversed, including the way people act or think. In this Twisted World, women have the libido of a man, and man has the libido of a woman. Plus the shyness, habits, and way of thinking.

Since the pandemic that hit humanity a long time ago, the number of men massively decreased, and for that reason, this world is in a great crisis, so women to protect the existence of the human race, implemented rules to protect every single man, BUT the absence and restriction of not being able to have sexual interaction with a man is leading all women sexually frustrated and beginning to revolt against the government causing crimes every day. Only one guy, with a big weapon, and an absurd sex drive can change this world and that's you, the one that's still preserving his real manly libido. So is up to you the protagonist if you want to take advantage of this newfound situation. Then tell me, what will you do?.


Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, ahegao, anal-sex, futanari, Male protagonist, milf, Romance, Traps

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Wait is v0.6 out? if so then how come I can't see the android download for it?

Ojala pongan un link para descargar en español por mediafire porque por mega se necesita pagar para descargar mas de una gb aun con cuenta y todo

en discore estan los parches de español gratis y por mediafire.

Entre al discord pero no hay nada 

hay un canal de parches donde los traductores los suben 

Puedes pasar link?


entra al discore, te vas a la pestaña SLURPYNEWS y entre los items esta PARTCH el ultimo mensaje es el parche

Envía el link de discord plis

el Discore esta arriba mi loco 

Can someone tell me how to open the walkthrough? Pleasee!!!

dosent the phone in game tell you everything you need to know


The animations run like crap on my pc

A mi también me corren muy mal 


the file size is getting a bit big I think you should consider changing it to a rar file 

When is a possible update coming out?

Might just be me, but when i click the door to leave it changes to the window text in the living room, is this a glitch?

Cuando un parche para arreglar el guardad


Hi, new player here: What is the difference between the VN and Sandbox versions? I haven't played either yet, and downloading both to find out the differences for myself seems like a lot of work and bandwidth.


The VN style is the typical VisualNovel version, were you only need to choose options, and The sandbox style you have the oportunity to explore the maps, have certain interactions with NPC(In less words a point and click adventure)

Me gusta mucho el juego de twistedWorld y me gustaría que envíes un nuevo link de discord para ver las nuevas actualizaciones de tu juego 

Mega does not work for downloading games online... ive tried to download version 0.6 4 times and it keeps interrupting and failing.

Deleted 51 days ago
Deleted 51 days ago
Deleted 51 days ago



!!! I Love Trap !!!


Poderia por favor  bota um link via mediafire ou qualquer  outro porque  pelo mega tá estorado já obrigado só isso.

Muy buena no me deja guardar me da error en joiplay.

y cuando sacaran un parche al español.

Muchas gracias.


Links have been patched and uploaded❤

Excuse me, V0.6 scenes have been lagging quite alot even when in V0.5 it was running fluid like water is there a fix for that?


that's weird, first time seeing it, please if you could leave me a vid or something on my discord server so I could check that❤

Well the only thing you would see is that the scenes are lagging, even the old scenes watched through the ingame phone lagg...

Dunno how to fix it tried various stuff from updating graphic driver to pressing Shift + G ingame and tinkering with the renpy settings...

When will version 0.6 come out on Android?

when I open the link for Mac it says it dosent exist anymore?

(1 edit)

can someone tell me how to instal v6 on android


at some point there will be futa in MC?. Or male on MC?

(1 edit)

nope, al MC nadie le tocara el culo, eso dijo el creador en el discore 

hell nahh

Min-Chads don't take it...They give it!

Just a heads up, if you are playing on Linux the .zip file may be reported to be empty when trying to extract, it is not empty. You need to extract the files on Windows

Safe to download?

Cool game and impressive design ! ^^  Can I do some let's play videos of Twisted World ? (Knowing that I will post the videos on porn plateforms and earn a bit of income from the ads)


I need more Tomboys xd


the traps/guys

Tomboys are woman that act like men

isnt every women in this a tomboy then 


i love the traps H scenes more

when will the android version come out?

dont know but i think its when the creators rest ends in a week or when the next version comes out or maybe sometime soon 


redesign is coming in the next verson lets goooooooo

Where android version?

bets update ever 

How can I delete my progress?

The game doesn't let me load past saves and it doesn't let me create new ones either, I deleted it and it didn't work, what can I do?

weird it lets me load my past save 

which one are you using visual novel or sandbox im using sandbox

I have the same problem in both versions

How do i play the game on joiplay, i downloaded pc version but i don't have executable file

any femdom in this game and character name, please?

how do I get the jaiden scenes? I can’t seem to get them no matter what I do 

Where android version 😭

Will there be an option to return it back into incest later or is it now a permanent change to landlady and roommates/friends?

(2 edits) (+1)

in the scripts you can enable incest 

in the scripts folder you open the scripts.rpy file and change define uncensor_patch = True to define uncensor_patch = False. True makes it incest while false makes in non incest


Y la versión para Android😔

Dicen que no va a haber pero puedes jugar en joyplay

¿alguien mas tiene problemas al descargar por el link de Mediafire? llega serca de 1.7 GB y se cancela.

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